Enhance your OO or N Gauge model railway townscape with these recreations of fading painted ‘Ghost Signs’. Such advertisements have been a prominent feature throughout railway history, with many surviving in various stages of decay to the present day.

These realistic replicas combine facsimile graphic elements with the typefaces and flourishes typically employed, all of which have been carefully degraded to capture the authentic character of the real thing. Choose from our range of well-known brands of yesteryear or ads for more local businesses. You can even commission your own local paper ghost sign personalised with the name of your layout’s town or district.

Printed on high quality matt coated paper, with a red brick background designed to complement Metcalfe and other cardboard model kits, the signs can be trimmed close to the edge of the design for mounting on a specific area, or pasted over an entire wall section - for which ample surrounding brickwork is provided.

NEW - now you can also pep up your old Hornby container wagons with our range of container sides depicting contemporary brands - or even personalised with your own company name.

PLEASE NOTE: we currently only accept payment by PayPal, but are looking to add other payment methods in the future.


FREE Market Stall Kit (OO Gauge)

Download your free market stall sheet to print out at home. Makes three different stalls, complete with produce stands.