NEW - Faded Advertising ‘Ghost Signs’ in Miniature


Any OO gauge townscape can now be enhanced with these realistic faded ‘Ghost Signs’. Such

painted advertisements have been a prominent feature throughout railway history, with many

surviving in various stages of decay to the present day.


These miniature replicas combine typical graphics with characteristic typefaces, which have been

carefully faded to capture the authentic character of the real thing. Choose from a range of

well-known historical brands and ads for local businesses – you can even commission your own

unique ghost sign personalised with the name of your layout’s town or district’s local paper.


Printed on high quality matt coated paper, with a red brick background especially designed to

complement Metcalfe and other cardboard model kits. The signs can be trimmed close to the

edge of the design for mounting on a specific area, or pasted over an entire wall section – for

which plenty of surrounding brickwork is provided.


Starting at just £3.49 including FREE UK P&P for two sheets with differing levels of fading.


Contact: Brendan McGrath


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